Kelly McTernan Lavoie



KML is involved in on-going research on organizational behavior, management, technology and sustainability, as well as a variety of social and cultural issues, critical in the context of how space is allocated and used.  In addition to the authoring of detailed studies for several large organizations this in-depth analysis informs all of our work.

  • Ontario Government Office and Workplace Guidelines

    Ontario Realty Corporation
  • Guide to Managing the Enriched Front-End Planning Process (EFEP)

    Guide pour la gestion du processus de planification initiale enrichie

    Public Works Government Services Canada
  • Metro Hall Space Utilization Study

    Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto
“Tous les membres de l’équipe se joignent à moi pour vous remercier d’avoir créé avec nous un environnement de travail et de vie des plus agréable pour nos gens. Nous sommes très heureux de vous avoir eu comme partenaire.”
Yves Marquis, CA, CMC, Associé, Deloitte