Kelly McTernan Lavoie

Approach   We tailor our involvement to the specific needs of the client and the project, providing the precise mix of skills and services to ensure success. Every project is designed to reflect the objectives of our clients. Our value is the creative range of options we deliver at every stage of the project.

Select   We offer a broad range of professional services from space evaluation though final commissioning, delivering expertise for any aspect of a project that you require. We can even manage your move and help you build an art collection. The choice is yours.

Discover   Novice or expert, finding and designing new premises is a voyage of discovery. There are many twists and turns, and many assumptions challenged. When the job is done you will have a whole new understanding of the organization and how it functions. That’s why we say, “the process is as important as the outcome.”

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“You seem to bring out the best in people... You tuned in, you listened and you delivered what the client wanted, something that has not been done before.”
– Louise Champigny, PWGSC, Accommodation Management